Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Welcome to Got No Job Blog

So here we are. We're in our mid-20's. And if you're anything like me you're either out of work, or you're working a "career" where the best thing about your job is your paycheck (ie. not the best work, but it pays the bills). Basically if you're working your dream job--- get out.

I think a lot of this amounts to a dissatisfied experience with the Job Market and lack of potential employers. But lets not go negative. I mainly want this to be a place to talk (if you feel like it) about job searching bullshit.

Studies show that finding a job is the shittiest thing ever, (Second shittiest thing is moving). My main qualm is the indiginity of it all. You apply, you write out a custom cover letter, a tailored resume, you talk to someone in HR, you beg, you plead, "yes I'll hold." You write follow up email, you make a follow up call. Still nothing. You call. "We will contact you if we want to interview," you are told. The frusterating fact that if you're not on a straight and narrow career path (who is?) and have varied career history that you're regarded with caution as a liability not regarded as having diverse talents. All this is said, done and calculated before you even had a chance to get an interview.

This has happened a few times for me. I'm not ready to give up. But for whatever reason, call it cryptic, but I whenever I hear that someone is in the same boat or has similar troubles- it makes me feel better about my own situation.

Maybe this blog will do that for you too.